The full version of HEDRON is available for free.  Click here for further information.

The demo version can be downloaded here.   See below for restrictions.

"Hedron" generating a dodecadodecahedron

HEDRON can generate a great many polyhedra, including all the Uniform Polyhedra and Johnson Solids as well as many many others.

HEDRON takes as its input the net of the required polyhedron and uses this to generate a number of VRML files of the finished model. (VRML viewers are freely available).

Examples of HEDRON input and output for the dodecadodecahedron (as shown above) are here:  Net, Solid model, Framework, Switchable, Animated, Molecular. HEDRON can also generate OFF files. 

HEDRON includes the following features:

A restricted version of HEDRON is available from here:  Hedron.zip   It is a fully functioning program with no time restrictions except that it will only generate polyhedra with up to 12 vertices.  If you are using Windows 10 or 11 then click here.

A registration code for HEDRON is available for FREE.  Click here for further information.

For more information, HEDRON's help text is online and can be viewed here.

HEDRON on the web

In addition to the many models generated using HEDRON on this site, further HEDRON models can be found on the following sites:

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