'Star' Tessellations - Type 8

(click on the image for a larger version)

The above edge network is a faceting is of the dodecagons in a 12, 6, 4 tessellation.  A copy of this network superimposed on the original 12, 6, 4 tessellation is linked here.  An alternative construction is to facet a 12, 12, 3 tessellation, replacing each dodecagon with an dodecagram sized such that the neighbouring parallel edges of the dodecagrams in neighbouring dodecagons are one unit apart.

As only three edges meet at each vertex, only one tessellation can be formed using this network:

        6, 4/3, 12/7
K:-, B:155, C: 2 3 6/5 | = t'{3 : 6}

Clicking onto the vertex figures above will show the sample cell superimposed on the above network.

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