Polyhedral Links

Unfortunately, with the passage of time, many of the links on this page are now broken. This is a great shame as there were some wonderful polyhedra on some of these pages that are no longer available.

Robert Webb's Great Stella Program. and  Minesweeper-3D

Ulrich Mikloweit's beautiful polyhedral models, 

Dr Richard Klitzing's facetings of Uniform Polyhedra.  Dr Klitzing has also produced this Wythoff Kaleidoscope and this Waterman Point Set generator.

Alex Doskey's Polyhedral Pages.  The Doskey Toroids, an amazing library of Stewart Toroids, Diamond Regular Polyhedra and the Uniform 3-D Honeycombs amongst others.  Alex is also the US distributor for Jovo Toys.

George Hart's huge site (specifically his Virtual Polyhedra) includes uniform polyhedra, Johnson Solids and compounds.  It also has an interactive prism maker and a page for generating polyhedra from their Conway notation.

Vladimir Bulatov's pages include uniform polyhedra, Johnson Solids, a stellation composer, Polyhedral Mirrors, the plates from Br�ckner (1906) and much more.  

Roger Kaufman's Polyhedra.  Including Hedron Tools , 108 Degree Rhombohedra , Triamond Regular Polyhedra and Uniform Compounds of Uniform Polyhedra amongst others.

Adrian Rossiter's open source Antiprism software.  

Dave McCooey's Java Applets for Visualizing Various Polyhedra

Pedagoguery Software have produced a set of die-cast polyhedra.  

Melinda Green's page specialises in Infinite Polyhedra and Hyperbolic Planar Tesselations

Don Hatch's hyperbolic tessellations (amongst others), a hyperbolic tesselation java appletTyler and his amazing $20 holohedron!

Professor Branko Gr�nbaum's home page with pdf files of many of his papers.

Mason Green's scaliform polychora and geometry pages.

Fr Magnus Wenninger's Home Page and biography

Steve Waterman's mathematical pages.

S�ndor Kabai's Mathematical Graphics

Hironori Sakamoto's World of Uniform Tessellations

Craig Kaplan's project page includes Symmetrohedra and Near-miss polyhedra.

Maurice Starck's 'ride through the polyhedra world'

Paul Gailiunas's paper on "Twisted Domes" (PDF), as presented at Bridges 2004.

Jonathan Bowers's Polychora (4-D) Site

George Olshevsky's 4 Dimensional Polytope Page

Eric Weisstein's polyhedral pages at wolfram.com

Dr R. Maeder's Uniform Polyhedra

Guy Inchbald's polyhedral topics

Mark Fleurent's Polyhedra

Dominique Nguyen's Java based Polyhedra Viewer

Tom York's program, "The Many Faces of Polyhedrons"

Jorge Rezende's puzzles with polyhedra and numbers.

Rob Strange's "astro-logix" polyhedral construction kit

Steve Dutch's page on Symmetry Crystals and Polyhedra

Zvi Har'El's Program to generate the uniform polyhedra

Stephan Werbeck's Dodecahedral Constructions

Chris Lomont's mathematical screensavers

Dymaxion Projector: Buckminster Fuller's icosahedral map of the Earth (needs Quicktime)

Szilazzi Polyhedron:

The Geometry Junkyard

My real world polyhedron models are made from Polydron.

Please e-mail me if you find any dead links on this page.