Near Miss Polyhedra

The polyhedra on this page are not quite regular, but as they are close I present them here as 'near misses'. 

These polyhedra are also presented as 'Stress Maps', a bespoke form of VRML model for showing distortion in such models.  More information on Stress Maps and distortion statistics is available here.

Johnson Solid Near Misses  When Norman Johnson was cataloging the convex polyhedra in the 1960's, he apparently came across "a number of tantalisingly close misses" ...    A sequence of the 'nearest-misses' discovered to date is given on this page.

Acrohedral Near Misses:  Attempts to resolve as yet unsolved acrons.

5-5-4 acrons


6-5-3 and 6-5-5 acrons


Enneagonal and Hendecagonal Polyhedra:  Polyhedra containing enneagons or hendecagons 


Dodecagonal Polyhedra:  Polyhedra containing dodecagons  

Near Misses based on dodecahedra: Some near misses that have a dodecahedral origin. 

'Wedges'  Near misses formed by attaching an n-gon to an (n+1)-gon 

Rings of anti-prisms: A ring can be made of thirteen square anti-prisms.  It is not quite regular.  It's not the closest such near miss though ...

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